Assemblies for Democracy – appeal for support

We believe that the time is ripe to seize the initiative and create a momentum for real democracy throughout the UK. Assemblies for Democracy planned for London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff in spring 2015 can help mobilise people for this.

Scotland’s referendum showed that millions will grab a chance to reshape democracy. Dynamic grassroots movements exposed the UK’s hollowed-out democratic process. Our votes count for less and less and the majority are powerless. Major decisions, from fracking to military action and cuts in services, are imposed on the majority. People are alienated from a political system which:

Assemblies will be asked to put forward proposals for change based on discussions in working groups. They could, for example, launch a people-led Convention on the Constitution to work for a modern version of the Agreement of the People, championed by the Levellers of the English Revolution.

In 2015, the year of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta as well as the General Election, we should build on our historical struggles and achievements. The peasants revolt of 1381, the Levellers and Diggers, pioneering trade unionists, the Chartists and the Suffragettes should inspire us to reclaim democracy for the people.


for a new Agreement of the People

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